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Update on recent government notice on fire doors

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BWF are aware that Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) have written to Heads of Local Authority Building Control and Approved Inspectors regarding fire doors advising that they seek confirmation that “test evidence is presented of exposure to fire for both sides of the door, to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of Approved Document B”.
This has caused some confusion and many projects have been delayed, or deliveries have been returned, as members are tasked by their customers to provide evidence in accordance with the Government’s statements. We are concerned that this is not only delaying projects, but also putting members of the public at risk as critical fire safety improvements are being prevented.

BWF continues to work with MHCLG and stakeholders from across the Fire Door Sector to press for greater clarity in the guidance issued.

In the interim, the BWF Fire Door Alliance has prepared a response to support members in dealing with this situation.

This guidance is available for public download here.

Source: British Woodworking Federation

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