Hardwood Doors

40 years of quality, service & dependability


We thrive on giving our customers the best possible hardwood door products & services and offer a wide variety of hardwood doors options.

Shellards Joinery helps you select and uniquely integrate elements of function & style to help transform your door requirements from a vision, into reality. We always take pride that each and every design we produce is met with the expertise and attention to detail that is expected from Shellards Joinery.


Hardwood doors are governed by regulation. Trust Shellards to ensure that your business or home is treated with the very latest safety features in mind.

Regulations govern fire resistance and then it comes down to security to prevent entry and hence allied to other security systems at the property.


Whether we produce quality doors to a budget, or refurbished to facelift an existing custom made door, we work out a fixed price to suit a budget (changing specifications until a budget is signed off) and we then honour that fixed price.

Quality Assurance

We use the very best, affordable quality as it minimises maintenance and lessens wear and tear. This also looks better for longer and adds to either re-sale value and/or rental stability – in essence more cost-effective in the medium term and beyond.

It is crucial that we match the period of the external walls and then quality of finishes and opening mechanisms for all of our customers.

External doors, especially, convey the first impression of any property – hence they should be quality. Internal doors also give visitors a “feel” for quality & this quality is present through all of Shellards work.


We can design your products with special needs access or use in mind and offer solutions to all of your timber door requirements.


Our products are environmentally friendly timber and laminates and low energy/water use appliances – with recycling of waste water and heat recovery.

Our timber doors feature thermal Insulation (temperature control inside all year) and noise attenuation. We always use environmentally renewable timbers, not plastic to help keep the environment safe.

We also cover low energy lighting, allergy controls/ventilation and noise control (insulation) and thermal controls for summer sleeping.

Water recycling and low energy lighting are also all of paramount importance to Shellards Joinery.


We provide glazed areas for balance of Light and vision.

Pride of place

When it comes to simple or eye-catching designer touches, Shellards offer a myriad of options.

More Benefits

We offer visual & added property value – designed door details can enhance whole building appearances, for not much extra cost than standard doors.



We work tirelessly to earn our reputation for quality, service and dependability. For over 40 years these founding principles have helped us succeed in continually delivering prestigious architectural joinery projects.

carpentry services

We are committed to maintaining a high level of product quality and customer service, from design and manufacture, through to installation. Everything that is created by Shellards Joinery is made by our own craftsmen at our own manufacturing facility.

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