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Shellards supplies and designs joinery items for the public and trade, for both local and wider markets.


How many successful installations have you done?

We have completed xxx custom architectural woodworking installations per year for nearly xxx years. We will provide you will customer references upon request.

How accurate are your shop drawings?


What is your warranty?

We stand behind all of our work with a xxx-year warranty. Although we’ve never been called back regarding any issues after xxx years, depending on the cicumstance, if it was over two years we would fix the issue at no additional cost.

Do you handle after hours installations?

Our customers will confirm that we deliver their projects on times, every time. If the project requires us to work after hours to meet our commitments, we will do so.

What’s the scope of your company’s experience?

We have been a leading Joinery company and have completed many high-end commercial project work for almost xxx years.

What ensures excellence in your work?

We ensure excellence in our Joinery through detailed, accurate drawings and our own proven procedures that have been refined through nearly xxx years in business.

Can you give me customer referrals?

We would be pleased to have you contact any of our clients, including xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx, xxx.

Do you build and install products to meet the current xxx standards?

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