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Kensington & Chelsea to replace 4,000 doors

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According to a report this morning by The Construction Index, Kensington & Chelsea Borough Council is to spend £3.5m over the next two years replacing 4,000 fire doors on council housing.
The Grenfell Tower fire last year exposed the underperformance of doors on council property. Police investigations revealed in March that glazed composite fire doors inside Grenfell Tower could resist fire for only 15 minutes, instead of the 30 minutes they were required to by building regulations guidance.
Grenfell Tower was owned by the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and run on its behalf by the Kensington &Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation.
Earlier this month the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government recommended that Manse Masterdor doors, like those installed in Grenfell Tower, should be replaced, even though the public risk remained low.
Kensington & Chelsea Council said that it was pushing ahead with a complete replacement programme of its Manse doors in social housing, saying that it “believes that the replacement programme must be started as a matter of urgency”.

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